The mission of the Calgary Hotel Association (CHA) is to support our membership by stewarding communication and awareness-building programs, engaging in advocacy, and cultivating meaningful partnerships.

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Hotels have long offered a place for people to gather and connect. Within, they offer warm and welcoming spaces to build community, to work and to mingle.The hospitality and tourism industries are inextricably linked. Through advocacy, investment, and education, we are working towards our goal of maintaining an optimal business environment for our collective work.


Here’s what we’re up to:

We’re looking beyond the boundaries of our own industry to understand emerging trends in travel and elsewhere. In particular, we see tourism and hospitality as part of a larger ecosystem. The more tourism and hospitality leaders can work together with business, government, and community groups, the more we can enhance growth opportunities for everyone.

We’re getting better at telling our story. As the front-line for hospitality, the hotel industry is a breeding ground for innovation. We are known worldwide for service innovation, and for understanding and providing genuine hospitality. Our industry is about providing personalized service, and empowering the people delivering it – by helping them understand and respond to guest needs – and by giving them a higher purpose beyond a paycheck. We’re also sharing that know-how with others in our networks so that we can all deliver on the promise of Calgary as the Ultimate Host City.

We’re reclaiming our traditional role as the gateway to and for the community. Because guests want great local experiences, we’re looking for new ways to connect them with the larger community. Our focus isn’t just on what’s happening inside our hotels, but outside them as well. We’re welcoming visitors and locals into our spaces, and helping them find ways to connect with others throughout the community by recommending the best services and experiences nearby.


By understanding emerging trends, getting better at telling our story, and reclaiming our traditional role as the gateway to the community, we’re helping to build a stronger hotel industry and tourism & hospitality network that benefits all Calgarians.

How are we doing?

As the unified voice of hotel and hospitality leaders, our collective success is central to the success of tourism in Calgary. Hotel room sales generate over $53 million in consumer taxes and fees annually and support over 8,000 local jobs. The Calgary Hotel Association supports:

  • Tourism Marketing: Together with our funded partners, we have successfully marketed and promoted the city as a world-class tourism destination and reimagined new ways to attract visitors.
  • Meetings and Conventions: We invest in attracting large-scale conventions that bring hundreds of thousands of people to the city.
  • Culture: We partner with cultural organizations in the community – such as arts and attractions organizations – to offer exceptional experiences and economical packages with local flavour.
  • Sport: We invest in sport initiatives to attract major sport and recreational events to the City.  We support Calgary Sports & Major Events (CSME), which works to provide strategic direction, evaluation, and recommendations for potential investments in sports for Calgary.  
  • Welcoming Locals: With nearly 60% of Calgary hotel visitors coming from inside the province, we help attract visitors from other parts of Alberta.