The mission of the Calgary Hotel Association (CHA) is to support our membership by stewarding communication and awareness-building programs, engaging in advocacy, and cultivating meaningful partnerships.



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Through collaboration, education, and advocacy, the CHA remains one of the most effective and respected voices in the hospitality and tourism industry in Alberta.

industry Challenges.

short term rentals.

Creating a level-playing field

As demand for short term rentals increases, the City of Calgary is discussing how to regulate this growing industry. The CHA fully supports an open and fair competitive market for short term rentals. To protect consumers, and treat everyone fairly, regulation should put all commercial operators on a level playing field.  According to the Hotel Association of Canada’s (HAC), and our own research [link], the large majority of short term operators are commercial in nature and are not regulated or taxed.  Short term operations services that are commercial in nature should be expected to have a business license, pay taxes, and adhere to common health and safety standards that protect guests and support the larger industry. This level playing field is the foundation for a fair and competitive market. To ensure that guests to Calgary get a consistently positive experience, we’re even willing to share our know-how to short-term operators to help them provide higher quality customer service. By working together, we can create an even stronger tourism ecosystem and live up to our collective identity as the Ultimate Host City.




Education in a green industry

Recreational Cannabis will be legalized in Calgary on October 17th, 2018. As leaders and educators for the hotel industry, we will be providing ongoing support to front of line employees and visitors on the rules and locations for public consumption of cannabis as established by City of Calgary administration.

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Maintaining autonomous, effective leadership

As administrators of the Destination Marketing Fund (DMF), the CHA has played a central role in promoting Calgary as a destination. Since 2005, the CHA has contributed $80 million towards marketing Calgary to the world. With unique insight into industry trends and opportunities for growth, we have managed the DMF with a focus on effectiveness, administrative efficiency, and partner collaboration.

The government of Alberta is currently working with the cities of Calgary and Edmonton to develop new rules around the administration of the DMF. As governments consider regulatory changes, we advocated for the status quo for several reasons. We’re in the best position to track and respond to industry needs. We’re autonomous – and won’t be tempted to divert funds meant for tourism toward competing needs. And, we’re effective.

As non-for-profit, our administration costs are a very low four percent – which means more dollars go directly to tourism promotion. It’s unlikely that City Hall would deliver the same service for the same cost. Within that framework, we have sold more hotel rooms than in the history of Calgary year over year, and in 2017 attracted 138 events (including 4 city-wide conventions).